Consortium for the Advancement of Cognitive Science (CFACS)  CFACS was established to provide a common environment and vision for budding and established scientists at OU (and affiliated institutions) from which to tackle with unprecedented scientific rigor and interdisciplinary fervor some of the most fundamental unsolved problems in Cognitive Science and Psychology. To this end, our core mission is to approach the study of the human and non-human animal mind and brain with the same kind of methodological thoroughness and definitional precision that physicists employ in their study of the physical world: namely, via the development and testing of mathematical and computational models of behavior and cognition, and via fastidious empirical research. Our second goal is to use reliable, replicated, robust, and accurate findings from the study of perception, conception, and memory to try to better understand the nature of phenomena researched in fields such as Ethology, Affective Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. The ultimate aim is to develop a unified and precise science of the mind and brain in the spirit of the best Psychophysics research. Ronaldo Vigo, Ph.D.  Director 
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Consortium for the Advancement of Cognitive Science